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A cluster of 1190 islands set around coral islands, Maldives is a wonder tourist destination that
attracts nature lovers from all over the world.
About 200 islands in Maldives are inhabited and the rest are unexplored paradises that enchant
you with their marine secrets and secret romance. Among the main cities in Maldives, Male is of
special importance as it is the capital of Maldives and the main Island on Maldives.

capital of Maldives

 Enjoy tours to the Baa Atoll and delight in dates with whale sharks and mantas that frequent this
Island city in Maldives. Traditional Maldives crafts, local tuna fisheries and water sports enchant
you on your tours to Baa Atoll as a part of tours to cities in Maldives.

Pristine cream sands and bountiful marine extravaganza welcomes you into a colorful marine
world on your tours to cities in Maldives. See the sunny face of tropical Maldives on your city
tours to the lovely South Ari Atoll on your Maldives tours.
Tour Dhaalu Atoll on your tours to cities in Maldives and enjoy the splendor of some of the most
exotic diving sites drenched in tropical beauty and overflowing marine bounty.
See sunny Maldives and spend your holidays in languid leisure with holiday packages for
Maldives. Adventure water sports, beach relaxation and tropical surprises enchant you on your
tours to Maldives.

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