Top 10 Cheapest Places To Travel and How can you do it as Brook ?

Top 10 Cheapest Places To Travel 
No matter what continent in this big worls, there are always some good places you can visit ,even you are on a low budget , even some countries  that we think of as expensive , we discover they are quite budget-friendly if you know certain tips and tricks.

Budgeting - Before Your Trip  
Although the cost of travel can certainly be decreased, traveling will never be 100%, completely free. In addition to the monetary costs, it will cost you your time. With smart planning, you can ensure that your dollar will return you the maximum amount of happiness that it can.
Here you can find Some useful ideas and tutorials that helped me to make good changes and traveling free you can do the same even you have some good money or not , that will help so , how can i do to travel and get money ?

1.START SAVINGTake a percentage of your net paycheck and deposit it into a savings account with a decent interest rate. While in the short-term, your efforts may not result in a…

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The Maldives enjoys a tropical climate and has two distinct seasons; the dry season, known as the “Iruvai” Monsoon (Northeast Monsoon) - April to December, and the wet season or “Hulhangu” Monsoon (Southwest Monsoon) - May to November. The dry season, as the name suggests, is a period of regular sunshine with little or no rain showers. This is also the best season for scuba diving. The wet season is a period in which the whole of Maldives experiences torrential rain showers which includes thunder storms. This is the best season for surfing due to good swells and wave generation. The wet season does offer periods of sunshine similar to balmy days you would experience during the dry season, as Maldives enjoys year long sunshine. The temperature normally ranges from

Land wildlife and vegetation in the Maldives are limited in terms of
bio-diversity. However, this aspect is overshadowed by the abundant
marine flora and fauna to be found in the Maldives. The month of June 2011 even saw Baa A…

Top 7 maldives Places to visit

7 - Hukuru Miskiiy (Old Friday Mosque)

is the Hukuru Miskiiy, also known as the Old Friday Mosque. It is the oldest mosque that can be found on the island. The interior of the mosque is superb, and its coral stone walls with carvings of different kinds of patterns and Arabic scripts is truly remarkable. It also houses tombs that have been erected for the memory of sultans, heroes and nobles. The calm and quiet place would be great for people to discover the Islamic culture the Maldivians follow.
Here is The cheapest Hotels near to this Pleace:

 6- Biyadhoo Island Resort

  is one of the calm beaches of the Maldives, the Biyadhoo Island Resort. It is a peaceful resort and considered one of the best reef houses in the Maldives PADI Dive Center. The island offers a variety of water sports from diving, snorkeling and many others. There are more than 35 diving spots available in the area, and you can dive in different ways depending on weather conditions and currents. Whether you are cravin…

maldives cities to visit

Before we start check here the best cheapest Hotels : Hotels in Maldives A cluster of 1190 islands set around coral islands, Maldives is a wonder tourist destination that
attracts nature lovers from all over the world.
About 200 islands in Maldives are inhabited and the rest are unexplored paradises that enchant
you with their marine secrets and secret romance. Among the main cities in Maldives, Male is of
special importance as it is the capital of Maldives and the main Island on Maldives.

Enjoy tours to the Baa Atoll and delight in dates with whale sharks and mantas that frequent this
Island city in Maldives. Traditional Maldives crafts, local tuna fisheries and water sports enchant
you on your tours to Baa Atoll as a part of tours to cities in Maldives.

Pristine cream sands and bountiful marine extravaganza welcomes you into a colorful marine
world on your tours to cities in Maldives. See the sunny face of tropical Maldives on your city

The best Tourist Attractions place in Maldives

Best Tourist Attractions in Maldives

Tropical fantasies and enchanting natural vistas welcome you on your tours to beautiful
Maldives. Brilliant corals glitter like a thousand gems under transparent aqua seas and white
sands warm up under the caressing touch of the glowing tropical sun while you holiday at the
tourist attractions in Maldives.

Explore a fascinating land of sands, seas and the sun while you enjoy natural glory on your tours
to tourist attractions in Maldives. Stay at seaside resorts and explore un spoilt islands, try tropical
dishes and fruits as you experience the wonders of enchanting Maldives.
Be it solitary islands, coral reefs, busy fish markets, tropical vegetation or more, tourist
attractions in Maldives seduce you with their delightful charms that are un paralled in beauty,
grace and purity.

Tour Baa atoll, Male, local mosques, National Museum and other interesting tourist attractions of
The best things about tourist attractions in Maldives is the fact that you sta…

What you did not know about Maldives

How Can I reach Maldives island ?
Arrive at the Hulhule Airport and sail to Male, the capital of Maldives and continue your tour
booked through us.

Location;  Indian Ocean; latitudes 4degree - 7degree north and longitudes 73 degree -50 East Capital Male
Maldives Language: Divehi, English and HindiMaldives Climate: Weather in Maldives is regulated with the coming of monsoons.Maldives Currency:RufiyaaMaldives Country Code: +960Maldives Activities: Experience the warm luster of warm cream sands on your tours to the
exotic coral islands in Maldives. Go on long beach walks, sunbathe on
soft sands and enjoy water sports on the breathtaking Maldives islands.
Snorkeling, diving, swimming and more keep you engaged during your
tours to scenic Maldives. It is an exotic cluster of glittering coral islands
on the sepia waters of the Indian Ocean and is the perfect destination to
spend a relaxed honeymoon filled with natural splendor, love, beach